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This is your friend in Thailand!

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"You are not alone in Thailand"
This is your friend in Thailand

Telephone Of Tourist Police In Thailand

With the growth of tourism over the last 30 years a special unit has been set up by the Royal Thai of tourists. The officers of the Tourist Police wear a distinctive badge on Police force to deal with the safety and well-being the their arm and speak English and some other European languages. They can be called upon in all kinds of situations, such as road traffic accidents, theft, disputes with hotels or shop keepers where a foreign tourist is involved. They will act as arbitrators on disputes, and in our experience they do so in an unbiased fashion.
The force has offices in the major tourist areas:


North Bangkok :Telephone Number 02-3080946-7
South Bangkok :Telephone Number 02-3080948-9
Thonburi bangkok :Telephone Number 02-3080950-1
Suwannaphum Airport :Telephone Number 02-1321155
Police Radio control :Telephone Number 02-3080333,02-3080865,02-3080867

Central Of Thailand

Ayuthaya :Telephone Number 035-242352,035-241446
Lopburi :Telephone Number 036-244515
srakaew :Telephone Number 037-230200
Chonburi (Pattaya) :Telephone Number 038-429371,038-425937
Rayong :Telephone Number 038-651669
Trad :Telephone Number 039-538091
Petchburi :Telephone Number 032-515995
Khanchanaburi :Telephone Number 034-512668,034-512795

East Of Thailand

Nakorn Ratchasima :Telephone Number 044-341778
Ubonratchathani :Telephone Number 045-244941
Khon Kaen :Telephone Number 043-226195
Nakorn Phanom :Telephone Number 042-511737
Udonthani :Telephone Number 042-211291,042-328189
Loi :Telephone Number 042-835758

North Of Thailand

Chaing Mai :Telephone Number 053-247317-8
Chaing Rai :Telephone Number 053-717796,053-717779,053-740249
Nan :Telephone Number 054-710216
Pitsanuloke :Telephone Number 055-245357-8
Nakhon Sawan :Telephone Number 056-224172,056-233072
Tak(maesod) :Telephone Number 055-563854
Mae Hong Son :Telephone Number 053-611812

South Of Thailand

Ranong :Telephone Number 077-825515
Phuket :Telephone Number 076-354360
Krabi :Telephone Number 075-637208
Songkhla :Telephone Number 074-246733
Narathiwat :Telephone Number 073-612008
Surat Thani :Telephone Number 077-200475
Samui Island :Telephone Number 077-421281

Safety in Thailand

Thailand is a very safe country to visit, but it is always wise to take some precautions to ensure you have a trouble free holiday:
  1. Make sure your room is locked and bolted at night.
  2. Always leave valuables, airline tickets and passports in the hotel safety deposit box.
  3. Carry a photocopy of the id page of you passport. The police can demand to see it, but rarely do.
  4. If you take a taxi, be clear about where you want to go. (See Scams)
  5. In Bangkok taxis have meters, but in provincial areas you will need to bargain the price.
  6. When travelling by train or bus don't leave valuables in you baggage, and be cautious of strangers offering free food or drink. Thai's can be very hospitable, but it also has been known for food and drink to be drugged. When you awake your valuables have gone.
  7. If you hire a vehicle read the terms carefully, and make sure you get proper insurance cover, otherwise you may have to pay for any damage or repairs.
  8. Wear reasonable clothing if you ride a motorcycle. A minor spill when wearing shorts can ruin your holiday. The law requires you to wear a crash helmet.
  9. The law requires front seat passengers in cars to wear a seat belt.
  10. Driving standards in Thailand leave a lot to be desired so take extra care.
  11. If you hire a water scooter or jet ski wear a life jacket and keep away from areas where people are swimming.
  12. You require a Thai driving licence or and International driving permit to ride a motorcycle or drive a car. Your licence from home is not sufficient. When driving without a licence you also invalidate your insurance cover.
  13. Take out travel insurance. If you are involved in a road traffic accident the maximum amount of compensation guaranteed by law is only US$2,000. For anything more you will have to go to court, possibly waiting years and still never see a penny.
  14. Since 2003 there has been a crack down on drugs, and the penalties for possession and trafficking have been enforced with extreme severity.
  15. Thailand has a special Tourist Police force which was founded to assist visitors. The officers are multilingual and will help deal with theft, accidents and disputes.

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I'm Pattaya Tourist Police

Tourist Police of Thailand.
In Pattaya Chonburi Thailand.
If you want to need help,you can call
Emergency CALL 1155 in Thailand
+(66)38-429371 or +(66)38-425937
Fax +(66)38-410044